Hammock maker Malcolm Williams testing the productMalcolm Williams is an experienced hammock-tester (see photo), accomplished woodworker and expert hammock maker. After many years as chief hammock-maker at “Sitting Pretty” (now unfortunately out of business), Malcolm opened Blue Chicory Workshop in 2008.

hammock chair

Hang a hammock chair indoors or out

Blue Chicory Workshop is nestled in a picturesque valley in Lanark Highlands in Eastern Ontario, in the midst of the herbs, honeybees, fruits and veggies at Blue Chicory Garden.


+      hand-crafted in Lanark County (eastern Ontario)

+      wood stretchers treated for sun and rain resistance

+      olefin rope (soft and strong, UV stable, quick-drying) OR nylon (softer but not so quick to dry)

The wood used for the stretchers that support the hammock ropes is ash because of its strength and outdoor longevity. It has two coats of stain for water-resistance. Our friend Steve makes olefin rope in his Kingston workshop. It is strong, sturdy and soft: just what you want in a hammock! Olefin is UV-stable and dries quickly after a rain.

Our customers’ favourite colour choices are Forest Green, Golden Sand and Burgundy. Nylon rope is also available – it’s just as strong, and a bit softer and stretchier. Nylon is available in black.

Hammocks can be hung on a stand, or from trees or posts. It is actually kinder to a tree to insert a strong hook than to wrap a rope around that will cause repeated chafing.  Hang so that the middle of the hammock (when empty) is at the height of the top of your thighs. This height allows for natural stretching plus the weight of the occupant to remain clear of the ground! The rope is strong enough to support several hundred pounds, so the strength of your attachments will determine the capacity of your installation.

Two sizes are available: Cosy’s bed for two is 54″ wide and 7 feet long. “Mine” is the same length but 44″ wide, just right for one adult. Hanging length is 13-14′ between hooks or posts (you may need a short adjusting chain as in the photo above).

Cosy: 54″ wide, $169
Mine: 44″ wide, $139
Hammock chair: $129
Shipping is usually $25 to $40.
Please email us to order.


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