Of course we don’t like to brag, but we’re happy when our customers do it for us:

Christa says “Best honey I ever had. Distinctive, flavourful, pure.” Brian knocked on the back door to say “I need 2 more large jars. This is so good.”

The beehives are constantly buzzing with activity. The honeybees collect nectar from flowering trees and bushes, wildflowers and garden plants, and transform it into beautiful golden honey.

Malcolm removes honey only when it is surplus to the health of the hive, then Kristine and our farm volunteers help spin and filter it – we are always amazed at the sight of that beautiful liquid gold flowing from the extractor.

Available in 500-gram and 1-kilogram jars, or smaller gift jars or larger pails on request, at:

farmgate: pick up at the farm – August through October, call ahead

farmers’ markets: at Perth Farmers’ Market Saturday mornings – we’ll be there from May through to Thanksgiving with honey and veggies.


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