Retirement from hammock-making

We’re sorry to bring you the sad news that we will no longer be making the hammocks that you have loved for many years, whether you had a Sitting Pretty hammock or a Blue Chicory hammock.

A combination of personal and business factors have led us to the decision to retire, and we have not been able to find anyone interested in taking over the business (if you know of anyone in eastern Ontario or Nova Scotia who would like to do this, please put them in touch with us).

For those who have been waiting on a replacement hammock, our most sincere apology that we are not able to fill your order. If you are looking for other sources, check to see that the rope is polyester or nylon – that’s what made our Blue Chicory and Sitting Pretty hammocks so durable. (Cotton hammocks are softer but more susceptible to rot, mildew, and UV weakening.)

Thank you for your support over the years in purchasing and enjoying our hammocks and hammock chairs. We wish you the best,

Malcolm & Kristine